innovations in engineering technology education


Graduates of the Engineering Technology ProE Certificate program will be equipped to operate in the new technological environment. Pro-E is state-of-the-art software used by many manufacturers to model in three-dimensions and analyze design. BHC’s graduates are trained with Pro-E I and II.

What does a Pro-E Technician do?
A Pro-E technician use software to create design plans for products. They work in a wide range of industries from engineering and construction to manufacturing. Sometimes technicians begin with a 2D design for approval by the client or to gain feedback from engineers. Then a 3D display is created using Pro-E. Engineers then use the 3-D model to analyze a product, like a piece of manufacturing machinery, to see where improvements could be made.

The drawings made by the drafter incorporate the technical details called for by the engineer’s calculations and specifications, which makes it important for the drafter to understand manufacturing theory and standards. Drafters may work in sales support to illustrate product design or may be asked to help prepare proposals for new products, sometimes developing 3-D models for analysis.

What skills are needed?
Ability to apply math and computer knowledge, a high degree of reading comprehension and interpreting instructions

What is the job outlook?
According to the US Bureau of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook, “Overall employment of engineering technicians is expected to grow by 5 percent between 2008 and 2018,…the employment outlook varies with industry and specialization.” Refer to the Occupational Outlook Handbook for more information:

Black Hawk College Program: The Pro-E 15-hour certificate consists of five courses: Fundamentals of AutoCAD, Professional Engineering I & II, Computer Aided Drafting II, and technical math.

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